Colordrop FAQ

Get answers to some frequently asked questions about Colordrop.

What requirements does Colordrop have?
Colordrop works on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices running iOS 8 and newer. For best performance, it is recommended you use an iPhone 5 or newer, or iPad 3 and newer.

Does Colordrop sync with iCloud?
At the moment, Colordrop does not sync with iCloud. This is due to technical limitations with the way Colordrop stores its data. However, we are working on sync functionality, and hope to have it available soon.

What is Colordrop for Apple Watch?
With Colordrop on Apple Watch, you can view all of your extracted colors right from your wrist. View all the basic color details, as well as more advanced information such as color space values. You can also delete colors using the Apple Watch app.

Is Colordrop available on Mac?
No, however we are working on a version of Colordrop for Mac which will sync with the iOS version.

How does Colordrop calculate color data?
When a color is extracted from an image, only RGB data is saved. When a color is inspected, Colordrop uses the RGB values to calculate the HSL value of the color. The HSL value is then used for all other calculations in the app. You can easily find color conversion equations using Google.

I use CMYK more than RGB. How do I change to CMYK mode?
The 'Color Overview' section (circles beneath the main color code panel) shows the RGB or CMYK values of a color. You can select which color space to use for the overview in settings. Go to the Settings app, then scroll down to Colordrop. Then, select CMYK from the list.

I have a lot of saved colors. How can I arrange them better?
You can search through your extracted colors using the search bar at the top of the Extracted Colors list. Simply type a color code in to get results. Alternatively, consider deleting colors when you are finished with them. You can delete a color by swiping left on a color in the list, or using the Colordrop app on Apple Watch.

What does the loading icon mean when opening images?
If you are seeing a loading icon (looks like a pie chart) when opening images, it means the photo is stored in iCloud, not locally on your device. The image has to be downloaded from iCloud before it can be used in Colordrop.

How do I clear an image from the Extract tab?
You can remove an image from the Extract tab by long-pressing on it when not in Extract mode. When the dialog appears, tap 'Clear Image'.

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